DJ Pierra Makena’s bum video lands her in trouble with Instagram users

DJ Pierra Makena’s bum video lands her in trouble with Instagram users

Kenyan entertainer DJ Pierra Makena found herself answering hard questions from her Instagram followers Monday, when she posted a video showing her operating the turntable, yet what many social users could see was her body shape.

Online users wondered whether the DJ was showing off her round and big bottom, or she was displaying her skills on the decks.

Lets talk photographer…..HIRED OR FIRED.

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The video, posted to Makena’s Instagram page Monday, begins by showing her legs, then bum, then a full back-shot of the disc jockey before the cameras focus on what she is doing on the decks.

Her caption of the video clip, Instagram users said, did not match what was on showcase.

“Let us talk, photographer. Hired or fired?” wrote Makena.

Online user, whose moniker is My Truth 100, said: “Pierra, I am your fan. [I know] the truth hurts. [I would tell it to you, nonetheless]. If you [continue] marketing yourself this way, don’t get mad when men view you as a piece of meat. Was the music playing from the a**? Prosperity doesn’t come with photo-shoots of your body or a**. Are you not the one who revealed in an interview that some men wanted to sleep with you first before hiring you?” posed My Truth.

A seemingly angered Makena clapped back, writing: “Stick to the male DJs [My Truth]. Why did you only see my bottom, yet it was a full shot? SMH. Won’t a girl be allowed to prosper?”

Another online user, Flux254, also asked Makena why she had to begin her video by directing the cameras on her buttocks.

“Since when did deejaying come to a** shots?” said Flux.

In response, Makena said: “There were other things you could see in the video – the nail, the hair, the decks… Question yourself why you only chose to focus on my bum, my friend.”

Derrick Oty 001 told off Makena, writing: “You are the first person who says Kenyans should focus on artists’ content. However, here you are exposing your behind instead of playing music from the decks. Is it the buttocks that produce music?”

The debate continued to play out on Makena’s timeline, with different sections either supporting or criticising the celebrated DJ.