Why late Kalenjin singer Diana Chelele’s family is angry and living in fear

Why late Kalenjin singer Diana Chelele’s family is angry and living in fear

Family members of the late Kalenjin singer, Diana Chelele, are living in fear after the family’s lawyer, Kimutai Bosek, was on Monday hijacked in Nairobi and lost crucial documents while driving to a Naivasha court to attend proceedings regarding Chelele’s death.

The case hearing, which had been slated for Monday, May 22, did not take place.

Susan Chepkemoi, who is the sister of the late Diana Chelele, said she suspects that the case won’t be fairly settled, especially now that crucial documents have been made away with.

Chepkemoi has urged the government to intervene and provide her family with security, saying that the unknown people who hijacked lawyer Bosek are likely to go after her family.

More than a hundred relatives and friends of Chelele, drawn from Kericho, Eldoret and Bomet Counties, were angry after spending money to go and attend a court proceeding in Naivasha, only for it to abort.

Speaking outside the Naivasha court, the relatives and friends of Chelele expressed fear that justice won’t be served, given they have heard that there are underhand plans underway to completely do away with vital evidence.

Chelele was killed in January 7, 2016 in Kapkwen, Bomet County; and her estranged husband, Erick Makau Musila, 30, the main suspect, was arrested.

Appearing before High Court Judge Christine Meoli on February 10, 2016, Musila, whose case had been transferred from the High Court in Kericho, denied killing Chelele.

It was alleged that hundreds of angry family members and friends in Bomet and Kericho Counties were baying for Musila’s blood, hence the transfer of his case to Naivasha.

The case had delayed at Naivasha law courts, and Prosecutor Sebastian Nzomo Miranda had said he was ready for it to proceed but the family lawyer had not turned up in court.

Following lawyer Bosek’s hijacking, the case’s hearing was set for June 6.