Orie Rogo Manduli tears down former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru

Orie Rogo Manduli tears down former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru

Former chairperson of NGO Council Orie Rogo Manduli tore down former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru on live television Thursday night.

Ms Manduli was KTN’s Jeff Koinange Live guest where she was asked if she is confident in Anne Waiguru’s leadership.

Recapping the Ksh791 million National Youth Service (NYS) scandal that brought the once prominent Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru down, Orie said that Waiguru cannot be trusted with leading a county – given the mistrust Kenyans developed toward her after the NYS scandal.

A new twist to the scandal later emerged when one of the key suspects in the alleged theft at the NYS, Josephine Kabura, placed Anne Waiguru at the centre of the scandal.

Josephine Kabura was Anne Waiguru’s hairdresser.

In a 16-page affidavit filed in court in February, 2016 Ms Kabura, whose account received the money, described her alleged relationship with Waiguru.

Kabura claimed that Waiguru told her to take Ksh10 million to her Runda home and to give Ksh 80 million to head of Banking Fraud to cover up theft.

Waiguru dismissed Kabura as a “crazy woman” whom she has never met and came to know about only after the scandal broke.

Kabura said that, prior to the Ksh791 million contract, Waiguru had assisted her to “secure other contracts, with about 30 LPOs for my other companies, at NYS, with a value in excess of Ksh400 million”.

Well, when the dust was settling, Waiguru in February, 2016 formally declared her interest in the governorship of Nairobi saying she will fight for the Jubilee ticket.

“I am declaring that I will contest for Jubilee ticket to run for Nairobi governorship. I have grassroot support and I know I will deliver,” she told Jubilee Party meeting at Hotel La Mada in Nairobi.

Orie Rogo Manduli doesn’t think Waiguru would make a good leader.

“She (Waiguru) is running for Governor of where? I am telling her I’ll leave Kitale and come here (Nairobi) and make sure she doesn’t even begin to make it.

“They give politics a bad name – that politics is where you can be as wicked as you like and come in with some money and you buy your (position). We’ll kick her out so fast, tell her not even to bother.”

“And don’t tell me that Waiguru wants to use that money (from alleged NYS theft) to become governor of Nairobi. She claims she was a whistleblower? Tell that to a baby born yesterday,” Manduli said.

“Why is it that after they have stolen money, they run for political offices? They are actually giving politics a very bad name and a poor name.”

Ms Manduli also launched a scathing attack on Josephine Kabura.

“Banditry is when hairdressers swim in billions. I want Kenyans to be serious. Can they tell us who is behind this hairdresser?

“This hairdresser does not have the brains to form the 13 companies in a row, and they all got tenders. Somebody is behind her. But you know Kenyans don’t go into details. There’s somebody behind this woman. She is not capable of doing the things she did alone. So who did it with her?

Manduli says she blames Kenyans on irresponsible voting patterns.

“Do you know whom I am blaming? The voters. We get the leaders we deserve because they come and buy us and we vote for them, we sing for them, we celebrate them. The ones who throw the billions become heroes or heroines. Actually we have made it possible for bad people to get into politics. We should look for better people.”

And probed if she ever stole public funds during her stint at the helm of NGO Council, Manduli said: “I have stolen nothing. That is why I am Naliaka, Mama Safi or Tausi.”

Anne Waiguru is yet to answer Ms Manduli.