Health department offices in Homabay closed after 5 staffers tested COVID-19 positive

Health department offices in Homabay closed after 5 staffers tested COVID-19 positive

Homa Bay County Health department headquarters have been closed after five senior officials at the department tested positive for Covid-19.

Following their infection with Covid-19, the five officials are now battling the virus at various health facilities.

Mr Elly Odhiambo, the county Health Administrator, has announced that the offices will be closed for the next week to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at the health department headquarters.

Odhiambo claims that fumigation of the offices will begin Wednesday to rid the surroundings of Covid-19.

During the closure, Odhiambo said that all of the department’s employees will work from home while waiting for the department to reopen.

Elsewhere, Kisumu county has recorded a steady increase in its COVID-19 cases which have led to a cumulative number of 5,739 infections so far.

In the first week of May, 168 cases were recorded. The following week between the dates of 10th to 16th may the numbers rose to 181.

That number would be more than double in the following week where 373 cases were recorded.

Between 24th to 30th may, there were 805 cases, and later 780 cases between the dates of 31st to 5th June.

Such scenarios were witnessed in the latter week, during the Madaraka day celebrations and medical experts believe that the impact of flouting the COVID-19 rules will be felt in the coming weeks.

What is of concern however as Professor Nyongo cites is the mortality within the county, in quote, the mortality has increased from an average of 12 at the peak last year to a new peak of 18 per week, the age bracket above 60 years proven to be at the highest risk.

Now the countys’ COVID-19 multi agency committee is seeking to contain the virus by having a fresh crackdown on public service vehicles and bodabodas not complying with COVID-19 rules as well as by closing all county offices save for essential services until further notice.

Additionally, the committee urges members of the public not to physically attend worship centers for their own safety while also warning that those flouting home based care guidelines will be prosecuted after institutional confinement and negative testing.

The spike in Kisumu has coincided with the start of the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine across the country.

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