Sauti Sol's Fancy Fingers, Adelle raise concern over entertainers ‘with no strategy for creatives’ running for political seats

Sauti Sol's Fancy Fingers,  Adelle raise concern over entertainers ‘with no strategy for creatives’ running for political seats

  • Polycarp taking to Twitter on Saturday posed a question to know if the entertainers were actually seeking power for the best interest of Kenyans.
  • Agreeing with Polycarp’s point of view was radio personality Adelle Onyango who shed light to the fact that the entertainers who have expressed interest at politics have not come up with any strategy that would benefit the creative economy.

Polycarp 'fancy fingers' Otieno, a member of the Afro-pop band Sauti Sol, has criticized a number of Kenyan entertainers who have declared political interest in the upcoming 2022 general elections, which are set to take place in August.

On Saturday, Polycarp posed a question on Twitter, asking if the entertainers were seeking power in the best interests of Kenyans.

Polycarp wrote “Looks like every entertainer/celebrity in this country is vying for a spot in the new government. Is a political seat the ultimate throne? Or do they really have our best interests at heart? Thoughts…”

Radio personality Adelle Onyango agreed with Polycarp's point of view, pointing out that entertainers who have expressed interest in politics have yet to develop a strategy that benefits the creative economy.

Adding that the entertainers have mostly used the tagline ‘help the youth’ as a PR strategy.

“Which is absolutely ok but what’s strange is I’ve not seen any present a manifesto that details any strategy for even the creative economy! Just using the new political PR buzzwords “help the youth”….ok, how?” Said Adelle

What makes the situation worse, according to Polycarp, is that current and former creatives who have made it into Kenyan parliament have done little to nothing to help the creative economy.

“True. And we already have had ‘creatives’ in the parliament who really haven’t done much for our creative economy.”

Famous musicians and personalities have already entered the race, including comedian and radio host Jalangó, who is running for the Orange Democratic Movement party's Lang'ata Member of Parliament seat.

Members of the popular music group P-Unit, Frasha and Gabu, have announced that they will run for Members of County Assembly in Athi River and Woodley - Kenyatta Golf Course, respectively.

Frasha vied for the Athi River MCA seat in 2017 but was unsuccessful.

Also vying for political seats is Rapper and singer Prezzo, entertainer DNG, blogger Xtian Dela among others. 

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