FEBA to launch ‘Day of The African Child’ tournament

Far East Basketball Association (FEBA) will be launching the grand finale of “The Day of The African Child Tournament” which features under 14 Primary School Basketball League scheduled to take place on June 16th 2018 from 9.00AM to 4.00PM at the Kayole Catholic Church.

The tournament’s main focus is to create a platform where young basketball ball players are able to come together, irrespective of their background to one platform and showcase their talent in the game of basketball with the aim of acquiring life skills through empowering and mentorship programs offered.

Speaking to citizen digital, FEBA event coordinator Moses Musosi said that they are happy to host such an event with the aim of giving back to the society by empowering young children through the game of basketball to become better people in the society they live in.

“We are happy to be hosting this event, as there is nothing more thrilling and exciting than seeing an innumerable number of kids coming together at one venue and having fun at the same time gaining life skills.

“Such programs are vital in society as they keep the children on their toes, limiting too much idle time which sees most engage themselves in criminal activities at a tender age. It also acts as an exposure platform where some of these players who are as young as 7 years old and have already had opportunities of securing scholarship programmes which sees them through their education levels.”

FEBA hosts the tournament together with Hustle Hard Global who provide training programmes for the players, Nairobi City Council who ensure that there is coordination with the participating schools’ timetable in relation to the fixtures.

Giants of Africa who have recently constructed the basketball court at the Catholic church in Kayole where the event is to be hosted and Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART) who are funding the tournament among others.

Both boys’ and girls’ matches will be played in a two seven-minute half before the triumphant team is known.


Diwopa School Vs Imara Primary School                     Boys

Kayole One Primary Vs Infill Academy                        Girls

Infill Academy Vs Kayole One Primary                        Boys

Imara Primary School Vs Infill Academy                      Girls

Diwopa School Vs Browning Academy                         Boys

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