Couple Loses Child Over Alleged Negligence

The family has said the child died as a result of negligence by the nurses in the maternity ward.


27 year old Maurice Otieno told the press that he took his wife Kinya Mugambi to hospital on Saturday where she delivered a baby girl, only to be told three hours later that the infant had died.


“I was denied a chance to see the baby. So from that point, it means something was hidden. Maybe the baby was even dead by the time my wife went to labor,” said Otieno.


He added that the hospital had not told him the circumstances under which his child had died.


However Kerugoya hospital superintendent Dr Gideon Mburu defended the hospital and dismissed assertion that the doctors bungled the delivery and said that the child had complication at the time of delivery.


“The baby had short umbilical cord with two knots which led to complications of the baby resulting to insufficient flow of blood to the brain,” said Mburu.


Otieno, an employee of the Well Fargo courier, has however insisted that the county government and the doctor’s body should carry thorough investigations and unearth the truth and take legal action if their was any mismanagement.


By Morgan Mueke