Kamiti convict masquerading as Migori County police boss

Kamiti convict masquerading as Migori County police boss

An individual who has allegedly been masquerading as Migori County Police Commandant and luring prominent  personalities with the promise of issuing them with licensed firearms has been traced to prison.

Speaking to Radio Ramogi, Migori County Police Commandant Joseph Nthenge said they traced the conman to Kamiti Maximum Prison, cell number four, after receiving several calls from many unnamed prominent personalities in the county who had sent Ksh.8, 500 application fees to the individual.

According to Nthenge, the individual had saved his number on the True Caller application as ‘County Commandant,’ hence many managed to fall into his trap.

Confirming that he had received many calls from quite a number of victims, the police boss added that he was yet to ascertain the total number of people who fell victim to the scam.

“I do not know how many but I have received several calls from chiefs, D.O’s, commissioners and prominent businessmen,” said the police boss.

Nthenge further noted that application for gun licensing is done freely by the office of the OCPD, and that people should not be coned by individuals asking for money in exchange for a firearm.