County buys wheelbarrows at Ksh 109,000 each

County buys wheelbarrows at Ksh 109,000 each

Residents of Bungoma County are up in arms after the county government purchased ten wheelbarrows at a cost of Ksh 109,000 each in what they term as graft of the highest order.

Speaking to the media on the issue, human rights activist Lumumba Wekesa questioned how a wheelbarrow could cost as much as a brand new motorcycle.

Lumumba noted that the instance is not isolated but is rather one of the many corrupt dealings of the county government.

He called Governor Kenneth Lusaka to address corruption in the county, saying that he had set the stage by suspending two chief officers implicated in graft.

Lumumba’s sentiments were echoed by women activist Kellan Wavomba who blamed Lusaka’s administration for the rampant corruption in the county.

Wavomba called on the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to step in and unravel the puzzle of graft surrounding the county executives.

Speaking to Citizen TV on Monday, Governor Lusaka confirmed the purchase of the ten wheelbarrows and hooks but defended the price saying the wheelbarrows are not ordinary.

“The preliminary report indicates that the Ministry of Agriculture made a requisition and the committee recommended that the wheelbarrows be purchased at a cost of Ksh109,000 but the market price ranges between Ksh 78,000 to Ksh 112,320 while hooks cost Ksh 32,550,” he said.

The Bungoma Governor added that the wheelbarrows and hooks are unique and long lasting as they are made of aluminium.

He said that the wheelbarrows will be used in the slaughter house situated in Chwele, Bungoma County.