Councils of elders warn against mass action, call for dialogue

Councils of elders warn against mass action, call for dialogue

The Gema Association council of elders has warned against the call for mass protests countrywide by the opposition on January 4th over the controversial amendments to the election laws saying that it would plunge Kenya into chaos and raise tension in the counties.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Council Chairman Lawi Imathiu said the elders are instead calling for dialogue to resolve the contentious issues, cautioning that street protests may lead to the loss of life and destruction of property.

Speaking in Embu after a meeting with various council of elders groups, Imathui said that every Kenyan has a right to be in the country and warned politicians against acting like they have more stake in the country than others.

The elders said the protests could plunge the country into anarchy due to the power struggle exhibited by politicians from either side of the divide.

Imtahui appealed to Jubilee and CORD to find a lasting solution in order to avert chaos that may harm the country’s economy.

While calling for peace and unity among Kenyans, the elders castigated the council of elders who have been turned into guns-for-hire and endorse political leaders for their own benefit.

Elsewhere, elders from Sengwer, a minority community living in west Pokot County, have welcomed the move by Senate call for fresh talks on the controversial election laws.

Led by Mzee David Pkemoi Rotich, the elders said they would not allow politicians to raise political temperatures in the county on issues that could be resolved amicably using the legal affairs committee.

Mzee Dickson urged political leaders in both the government and opposition to put the country’s interests first when dealing with matters of electoral reforms.