After her controversial new looks, Betty Bayo talks about God giving her favour instead of shame

After addressing skin bleaching claims following her drastic change of appearance, gospel singer Betty Bayo has dropped a new song that could give further insight into the “drastic change” in her life.

The Experiment hit-maker had previously explained that her recent weight gain and light skin are as a result of having peace of mind.

The singer was married to infamous preacher Victor Kanyari, an association that raised many questions about her faith. With that relationship behind her, things are seeming looking up.

Releasing a new track Atasimama Nawe, Bayo seems to tell about the drama that followed her after her ex-husband’s “fake miracles” were revealed live on TV.

Pengine umepitia magumu, huwezi simulia

Unawaza na kuwazua, lini kitatulia

Kwa uchungu umelia, ukakosa wa kukutuliza

Angalia juu, juu kuna Mungu

Bayo continues to assure listeners that even in such difficult times; God will stand with them, giving them favour: “Instead of shame, God will give you favour.”

Watch the music video below: