Short videos are a golden opportunity for content creators

Short videos are a golden opportunity for content creators

In 2014, if you were a creative, or had the remotest hint of talent, you had to pull yourself up by the bootstraps to stand a snow flakes chance in hell.

You would have to wait for your own fairy tale. And hope that the local TV or radio would notice you, and propel you to stardom.

Overtime, blogs came to the scene, featuring only the popular, in the hunger for clicks.

You would need to be the top cream for you to make it to the sleazy headlines.

But 2014 was 7 years ago. Things have changed. All you need is a phone with decent pixels. Okay, and talent and consistency.

The Kenyan video scene appears to erupted in the last three years, and as the internet churns out star after star, the advent of the Covid pandemic has taught people to be more creative.

Or maybe there is the realisation that the Internet penetration in Africa may spur the next Silicon Valley in the region.

Have you seen the Nigerian kids who are shooting entire movies- shoot to edit- through their phones?

Youtube shorts recently came to Africa, perhaps seeking to benefit where other like Vskit, Instagram and Tiktok have made leaps.

Kenyan actress Chebet who honed her skills on local comedy-real housewives of Kawangware- is probably one of Kenyan celebrities who are making money by creating content for Vskit.

While platforms like Youtube have several ways of monetizing content, including patreons, adsense or even merchandise, apps such as Vskit have introduced new ways for creators to mint money by creating content on the app.

“Vskit specialises in local content and catering to the local audiences and uplifting content creators,” Vskit’s David Mwawasi says.

The opportunities are endless, creators using vskit as a platform to increase their visibility gain access to corporate advertisers who are in search of such content creators to provide professionally generated content that appeals to their young demographics.

Upcoming Kenyan Vskit star Wanjiku Kabata is among Kenyan creators who’ve figured out the app.

Almost every app has its stars. Like Facebook had Wanja Kavengi, and IG has Obare.

The good thing is that you don’t have to be a star to start making money.

You just start