Money recovered from chicken gate scandal on its way – EACC

Money recovered from chicken gate scandal on its way – EACC

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has told the National Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs Committee that the repatriation process of monies in various scandals involving Kenyans and foreigners are is in the pipeline.

The Commission’s CEO Halake Waqo said that on the chickengate scandal Ksh 52 million is on the way to Kenya.

He said that the British government has written to the Treasury regarding the preparations of returning the money back.

“They suggested that in today’s British situation the policy of returning the resources is through social development projects directly to the people so that it can, ” he said.

He said the projects have been identified and the money will be used to purchase ambulances in various counties.

The commission said it is also expecting Ksh 525 million on the Jersey (where two Kenyans have been charged with money laundering) issue to be repatriated back to Kenya within this calendar year.

“We are still discussing ways of getting back the money, Swiss government has also identified money in Bank accounts and it is tracing other assets,” said Waqo.

The Committee chairman, Samuel Chepkonga, told the commission that they are ready to give it prosecutorial powers.

“Which law is lacking so that we can pass it and give you teeth? Make proposals to this committee, will examine and sponsor as a committee including giving you prosecuting powers that police have been given,” added Chepkonga.

Report by Lawrence Ng’ang’a

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