What Babu Owino says about Cheryl Kitonga, the lady mentioned on Jicho Pevu expose about Jacob Juma’s murder

What Babu Owino says about Cheryl Kitonga, the lady mentioned on Jicho Pevu expose about Jacob Juma’s murder

Student Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) Chairman Babu Owino has come to the defense of Cheryl Kitonga – the lady mentioned on Jicho Pevu expose about businessman Jacob Juma’s murder.

The expose dubbed Kaburi La Wazi aired on KTN Monday, May 23 – and the interwebs went buzzing when the mysterious girl who was in the company of Jacob Juma on May 5 – the day he met his death – was identified for all to see.

Many ridiculed her and even branded her a “gold digger” for her relations with the slain businessman.

Well, Babu Owino thinks the nature of Ms Kitonga and Mr Juma’s relationship shouldn’t be a subject of social discussion since the two were adults – and that there was mutual consent in the affair.

“Everybody does things according to how they plan. Cheryl and the late Jacob consented. Therefore I see no problem with that. They were two grown-ups above 18 years old. They knew what they were doing. A person who consents to his or her heart, I don’t have any problem with that – so I wouldn’t condemn either,” Babu Owino told eDaily.

“When you look at some families, the age difference between the man and his partner is huge. So, it is about consent – if the arrangement is forceful, then it is criminal, but when the two parties agree to relate then it is right by all means.”

“The media and the public wrongly persecuted Cheryl; she should be left to lead her life,” he added.

Babu Owino’s sentiments echo those of media personality Caroline Mutoko, who on Wednesday faulted investigative journalist Mohammed Ali for exposing Cheryl Kitonga and diverting the public’s focus from Juma’s murder to his secret relations.

“I watched Kaburi La Wazi – Mohammed Ali’s latest expose on Jacob Juma’s murder. And I don’t think I have ever been more disappointed with Moha. Mohammed, why? Why go to all that trouble to do a less than stellar job. But importantly, to undress and shame a twenty-something year-old girl who did nothing wrong!” she started.

The outspoken media personality faulted Ali for unfairly exposing the girl while protecting, others’ identities.

“You are willing to blur the taxi driver and everything else – but this girl who made a private decision to be with a grown up; that girl you hang out to dry?” Mutoko asked.

“And then here is the worst thing – even if you don’t care about her, is that you have totally destroyed the ability for all of us to get back to why the conversation on Jacob Juma is important. A man died and he didn’t just die, he was killed, he was murdered. You have reduced his death to how many women he saw; including a ka-small one… Moha, shame on you!”


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