Muturi in Nyeri to meet delegates after presidential endorsement

Muturi in Nyeri to meet delegates after presidential endorsement

  • Muturi is meeting with the Democratic Party party delegates in Nyeri today.
  • The DP endorsed Muturi as their presidential candidate 

Three weeks after the Democratic Party (DP) endorsed National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi for the presidential race, Muturi has welcomed the move and is meeting with the DP party delegates in Nyeri today.

With Mount Kenya politics gathering pace in the region, leaders are slowly pulling to their side to consolidate their support ahead of the 2022 general elections and Muturi is no exception.  

“First and foremost I’d like to appreciate that the party has been active on the ground and therefore today I will be meeting opinion leaders and opinion shapers right from the grassroots within this county,” Muturi said in a statement.

Muturi similarly underscored the importance of lobbying with area residents in pushing development agendas.  

“It is important that at all times given what we have gone through in the constitution that we consult the people and more so consult those that are most keen particularly the grass root and opinion leaders,” the speaker said.  

Muturi consequently highlighted that the Mount Kenya region may be labeled a key battle ground for presidencial aspirants but every other part of the country is equally important.

“As expected of any contenders you must go first and listen to the people and after discussions urge them to join your bandwagon. You don’t go out there and tell people you have to talk to others. I am not coming here to tell people that I am going to talk to others,” Muturi said.  

“I am coming here to listen to them and after discussions find a way forward about who we are going to move the presidential race not just within the Mount Kenya region but all over the country. You may have noticed that I have been in other parts of the country as well selling my bid and for the time being let’s meet at the wire.”