Body Found On JKIA Runway

The Kenya Airports Police Unit (KAPU) Commandant Joseph ole Tito said the body was found between the airside and the runway.

He, however, maintained that planes that were landing at the busy airport were not affected by the early morning incident.

Kenya Airports Authority said the airport was only closed for 40 minutes after security personnel discovered the body.

“A Turkish Airlines plane was held in the air for a few minutes around 7 AM and normal operations resumed at the airport after the body was removed from the scene,” said KAA oficials.

Police said they would conduct investigations to establish if the body was that of a stowaway.

Other experts said they suspect the man was a stowaway who tried to jump off the plane as it landed and died on impact.

Police also said they were trying to establish if there were any identification documents on the body of the man whose nationality was not immediately known.

They took fingerprints from the body to determine the deceased's identity.

By Beth Nyaga