Body Exhumed Over Mistaken Identity

The family of the late Cosmas Odongo mistakenly buried the body of another person going by the name Cosmas Owuor.


The whole drama unfolded two days after the family members of the late Cosmas Owuor went to the mortuary to remove the body but surprisingly found it missing.


“We went to the mortuary and found the body missing, and people were disappointed and wanted to cause commotion but the attendants said a body had been taken by some family two days ago.” Said Owuor’s son.


The body was eventually traced and later found buried at the home of the late Cosmas Odongo due to false identity.


“When we went to Rapcom Mortuary, I realized my father was still lying in the mortuary after confirming he had a broken arm.” said Odongo’s son.


The body of Odongo was immediately exchanged with that of Cosmas Owuor and buried in the same coffin and in the same grave Owuor had been buried.

Residents of Kamenya village however expressed their disappointment over the incident.


Cosmas Owuor was to be buried later today,Wednesday.


By Morgan Mueke