Bobasi MP Innocent Obiri arrested

Bobasi MP Innocent Obiri arrested

Bobasi Member of Parliament Innocent Obiri has been arrested and taken to Central Police Station, Nairobi.

According to Central Police OCPD Robinson Thuku, the legislator is accused of “causing disturbance” at a quarry in Kisii.

The MP is accused of storming into a private quarry in Bobasi demanding that they shut down their machines which he claimed were causing cracks on nearby buildings.

During the said incident, Mr. Obiri is alleged to have roughed up staff at the quarry with his aide allegedly assaulting the site manager.

After the MP left the quarry, goons are said to have raided the quarry hours later and torched a truck at the site.

Reports indicate that Mr. Obiri will be transferred to Kisii County’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for arraignment.

The MP’s arrest comes barely two days after the arrest of his bodyguard.