Bishop David Muriithi wants DNA test conducted, media barred from his child support case

Bishop David Muriithi wants DNA test conducted, media barred from his child support case

The court has ordered House of Grace Bishop David Muriithi to file a formal request for the DNA test to be undertaken in a paternity case he is involved in. 

The Bishop, through his counsel, urged the court orally to issue him authority to carry out the test in order to confirm paternity of the two-year-old kid whose mother has filed for child support.

According to the Bishop’s counsel, they admitted to having an on-again, off-again relationship that terminated in 2018.

However, the woman’s lawyer, Danstan Omari, protested, claiming that the application was an afterthought and that the Bishop’s affidavit not raise the issue of DNA.

The bishop also requested that the media be barred from covering the case in his replies filed on Tuesday, claiming that the lady was malevolent and was using the media to disgrace him and sensationalize the case.

Lawyer Danstan Omari however said that there’s an order that was issued by another court in the Lusaka case  where the orders barring the media were stayed. 

While denying to impose the orders against the media, magistrate Festus Terer stated that he will wait until he has reviewed the orders issued in the Lusaka case before making any decisions.

On Tuesday, House of Grace Bishop David Muriithi said that the woman suing him for child support never disclosed to him at any given time during their relationship that she was pregnant.

Bishop Muriithi said the woman only kept complaining to him that she had fibroids, adding that he is now realizing otherwise and that he learnt she was pregnant long after they had ended their relationship.

“When I called to say hello…in the process, she casually informed me that she was at St. Mary’s Hospital Lang’ata to deliver a child, which shocked me…I could not have been excited about a pregnancy that I did not know about and which was all along hidden from me,” read the affidavit.

According to him, they met when the woman was living in her own rented house with a teenage child sired from a different relationship.

He now claims the woman wants to extort and embarrass him, further seeking to squash what he termed as a misconception that he is living a high end life.