Beaten Zambia boxer launches foul-mouthed Games tirade

A furious losing boxer from Zambia reeled off an extraordinary succession of expletives and alleged that he was cheated out of victory at the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday.

Mbachi Kaonga insisted he had beaten home boxer Clay Waterman of Australia in their light-heavyweight quarter-final on the Gold Coast.

But ring-side judges awarded the decision to Waterman on a 4-1 points decision, infuriating Kaonga and the red mist quickly descended.

As Waterman was doing an interview off to the side of the ring, Kaonga bumped into him and then swore into the camera, the Australian boxer and local officials said.

The 23-year-old Kaonga then raged into the media interview zone and launched into an expletive-filled rant.

“They are killing amateur boxing,” barked Kaonga, shaking with anger.

“Just because it’s his own ground, they gave him the fight when he didn’t win. They are killing the sport,” he added before storming off.

“I gave him a little bit and told him to shut up,” Waterman said with a laugh.

“He pretty much ran away the whole fight. I felt like I was in control. Oh well, each to their own.”