IEBC official defends Aden Duale’s August 8 win

IEBC official defends Aden Duale’s August 8 win

Garissa township Constituency Returning Officer on Thursday defended presiding officers he worked with during the August 8 General Election.

Appearing before a Nairobi court, Boro Dullacha Duba said that he did not receive any reports or complaints of his poll officials campaigning for or aiding Jubilee’s Aden Duale in the disputed elections.

The CRO insisted that they, electoral commission, only extended voting period in polling stations that had been opened late, downplaying allegations that in Maalim’s stronghold voting closed earlier unlike in Duale’s.

In the case, Wiper Democratic Movement’s Farah Maalim challenged election of Aden Duale citing massive electoral malpractice and double voting in the MP’s perceived strongholds. Additionally, Maalim argues that a majority of poll officials in the constituency came from Duale’s clan.


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