Woman on Virgin Atlantic flight reports disturbing messages

Woman on Virgin Atlantic flight reports disturbing messages

A 24 year-old woman who was on A Virgin Altantic flight reported receiving strange messages on her phone.

Jessica  Van Meir told CNN that after the flight took off, she went to use the washroom and when she came back, noticed some disturbing messages popping up on her phone.

One message named her seat number and called her a ‘tidy babe’ while another message from a different seat number said ‘welcome to hell.’

Virgin Atlantic allows passengers to send messages to people in other seats. The flight was from London headed to Washington.

The woman who was traveling for business said the messages seemed to be coming from the people who sat behind her because she passed them on her way to the washroom.

Jessica who happens to be a paralegal and works for a firm that specializes in sexual harassment litigation responded to the messages and told the senders that she is going to report them to Virgin.

“I was also appalled and disappointed that someone would be so disrespectful and entitled as to send me messages on a flight when I’m traveling on my own just trying to enjoy my flight peacefully and not be harassed by anyone,” the woman told CNN.

According to Virgin Atlanta Spokesperson, they said that they extremely concerned about this incident and are investigating as a matter of urgency.