Swazuri, Kenya Railways boss Atanas to be arraigned in court today

Swazuri, Kenya Railways boss Atanas to be arraigned in court today

National Land Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri and Kenya Railways boss Atanas Maina will this morning be arraigned in court over corruption allegations touching on the Standard Gauge Railway.

The duo alongside nine others, who were arrested on Saturday, are among 14 government officials and directors of private businesses implicated in the fraudulent Ksh.2.8 billion compensation for the Standard Gauge Railway.

“The DPP has consented to charges against National Land Commission (NLC) Chair Dr Swazuri and others in relation to SGR compensation,” the DPP said on Twitter on Saturday morning.

The accused officials spent the weekend in custody of the EACC.

It is reported that billions of shillings were paid to individuals and companies that did not deserve compensation for the land through which the SGR would pass through.

According to Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, the Lands Commission failed to provide accurate details of acreage, plot numbers, and valuation information 12 months after the compensation was paid out.

Meanwhile, detectives are still searching for six other suspects. They include; Kenya Railways Surveyor Victor Kariuki, his assistant Elijah Nyamu, Lands Ministry surveyor John Mwaniki, Peter Mburu, a registrar at the Ministry of Lands, a Mr. David Some, and Esther Chebet.