Angry Parents Eject Headteacher Over Child Abuse

The parents descended on the school early morning accusing the head teacher of sexually molesting pupils in the school


Learning was disrupted for hours as the parents sought to eject the head teacher who locked himself inside his office


Other teachers in the school were forced to flee for their lives as the irate parents descended on the school.


The shaken 40 year-old headteacher was forced to lock himself in his office as the parents bayed for his blood


Police officers however intervened and rescued the teacher from the angry crowd


One of the pupils claimed that over 35 pupils had been abused by the teacher who threatened to punish them if they dared reveal their ordeal.


The irate parents expressed their disappointment saying the incident had been going on for a couple of months.


“Ministry officers were here on Thursday and took no action on the issue. So if parents have opted to demonstrate, then that  is their right,” said Kiroket Mebarin, a parent in the school.


Parents vowed to paralyze learning until the teacher is punished.


By Morgan Mueke