Evangelical churches join ban on pulpit politics

Evangelical churches join ban on pulpit politics

The Evangelical churches have joined the ban on politics from the pulpit, stating in a statement on Saturday that the ban, which is effective immediately, will sanctify houses of worship.

The new developments stemmed from a meeting of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK) on Friday, September 17, at which churches acknowledged that, with the General Election fast approaching, Christian places of worship, including funerals, have unfortunately become the most available spaces for politicians to carry out their political campaigns.

“We therefore wish to advise the leadership of different evangelical churches and congregations that, it is important to keep the House of God as a house of prayer, and not a house of politics. This is what honors God and preserves the sanctity of the church as a holy place,” the statement by the EAK issued on Saturday reads.

While all churches will admit worshippers regardless of social standing, the EAK has stated that politicians will not be allowed to take advantage of their position as leaders.

“This is a dishonor to God, defiles the sanctity of worship, and violates the rights of other worshippers.,” the EAK added.

When visiting the church for the first time to worship, political leaders may be acknowledged and accorded due respect according to the statement, but without disrupting the order of service and worship.

“Any address by such leaders should only be limited to greetings and not politicking in church. Different church traditions have different ways of acknowledging visitors; such tradition should be kept as long as it honors the sanctity of worship,” the alliance said.

Concerning donations, the EAK reminded politicians that all gifts will be treated the same as any other giving  “in accordance with the scripture that the left hand should not know what the right hand has given.”

The Evangelical churches have now joined the Anglican and Catholic churches in prohibiting politics from the pulpit.

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