Botswana is the ancestral homeland of humankind, study claims

Botswana is the ancestral homeland of humankind, study claims

A large wetlands region to the North of Botswana could be the origin of the world’s population stands at 7.7 billion.

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research and University of Sydney took maternal data from over 1200 people to conduct the study.

According to Reuters the data proposed a central role for this region in the early history of humankind starting 200,000 years ago.’

The region is said to have hosted early species of mankind for over 70,000 years before climate changes resulted in migration.

Prior to this finding, the oldest known homo sapiens fossil was dated ”back more than 300,000 years from Morocco.”

The latest study however reports that there is no relation between those fossils in Morocco and Botswana as evidence showed that the former did not leave any descendants.

The site in Northern Botswana was a lake, estimated by Reuters to have been two times the size of East Africa’s Lake Victoria covering parts of the present day Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

However, due to climate changes caused by the sift of the earth’s axis, the lake was over thousands of years reduced to a wetlands and is now a desert.

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