Tourism CS Balala calls for renaming of Manda Airport

Tourism CS Balala calls for renaming of Manda Airport

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala has called for the renaming of Manda Airport.

Balala says this will help tourists flying to Lamu identify with their destinations and make it easier to sell the region.

He was speaking during a reception of the return of low cost airline Jambo Jet to Lamu.

“There is always a confusion when visitors are coming here (Lamu). When they hear they are coming to Lamu… they know its an island but when they come here they find another name. That creates confusion,” said Balala.

“If we want to be effective in promotion and marketing and bring certainity in where the client is going is to have the airport also have name of the destination.”

Area governor Fahim Twaha also urged the government to work on allowing cruise ships to dock at the new Lamu port as part of tourism promotion.

“You know we have a new port and we have seen you receiving cruise ships in Mombasa. It is time now you send some cruise ships to us in Lamu… You know we have nice madafu and music. We will arrange for them to have good shopping and very nice lunch and they can go back to the ship in the evening but leave some money here,” said Governor Twaha.