8 things you need to know about Dubai

8 things you need to know about Dubai

Most of us have dreamt about going to Dubai. It’s a beautiful city with amazing white beaches, desert safaris and even fascinating white beaches; this, the world already knows.  Why else do you think tourists flood the city?

But there are a lot of other things that you don’t know about Dubai.

Dubai was built on pearl diving

Dubai’s Pearl Museum is a home to one of the largest and finest collections of pearls that the world has seen. The Museum’s main role is to preserve the colorful and unforgettable history of the pearl divers and merchants of Arabia. Yes, it is in this building that you will find AED 500 million worth of fine salt-water pearls!

The Indian Rupee was once the city’s main currency

The Indian Rupee was once used as the main currency in Dubai. But that was in the mid-1800s; which is a very long time ago. This does not mean that you can’t find an Indian Rupee in this part of the world. Some museums have preserved some.

Dubai’s City Metro is the longest Metro line in the world

One of the unique features that you will find in Dubai is the metro line.

It is the longest in the world and it has been continually getting longer with new stops being added all the way.

Dubai Metro

Dubai homes mountainous enclaves

Word has it that Dubai is just but a rare coastal city. This is just but another lie. It is also a home to mountainous enclaves so whenever you want new hiking experiences; it’s a good place to try out. These enclaves include Hatta.

Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world

In a period of 58 years, Dubai International Airport has been able to grow from an ordinary airport to one of the busiest that the world has ever had; in 2016, it had more than 83 million passengers.

Dubai once made its money with oil

One thing we all know is that the residents of Dubai know everything that there is about making money.  Before the city ventured into tourism, they made their money with oil. It might sound unbelievable, but it is true!

Dubai has registered one of the largest meteoric growth in the world

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