5 Houses Torched In Nandi County

The houses were torched by irate youths as the ongoing land dispute between Kapchepkok primary school and AIC Kapchepkok intensified.


Some residents were forced to flee their homes, to neighboring locations of Kaptel, Kipsomoite and Sang’alo with others spending the night in the cold following the night of violence.


Schools in the area remained closed on Friday morning.


The dispute involving an 11 acre piece of land on which the church building was constructed has been ongoing for over 10 years ago.


The residents accused the church management of  intent to steal the land which they claim was initially owned by Kapchepkok Primary and Seconday schools.


The church is also said to have blocked the school from getting funding from CDF Kitty when the school withdrew the church as it sponsor.


The residents now want the school to be under District Education Board.


By Morgan Mueke

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