21 to be charged for conspiring to defraud NYS of millions

21 to be charged for conspiring to defraud NYS of millions

The National Youth Service lost nearly eight hundred million in four months in fraudulent procurements of construction materials, Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has conceded.

The revelations are a major departure from Waiguru’s previous insistence that no money was lost in dubious procurements at the rebranded service.

The CS now says CID investigations reveal the money was actually paid out and 21 officers including NYS Senior Deputy Director General Adan Harakhe linked to the loss have since been suspended.

“The investigations also identified similar fraudulent payments worth Ksh 791, 385, 000 that had been made to suppliers of road construction and building materials December 2014 and April 2015,” said Waiguru.

This is in complete contrast to earlier denials by the CS when the scandal emerged for the first time.

Besides the loss of nearly 800 million shillings, the probe shows fraudsters further planned to siphon out close to 700 million shillings more.

“The DCI confirms there was a conspiracy to defraud the NYS of 695,400, 000 shillings in respect of committed disputed transactions,” added Waiguru.

The transactions were said to have been processed through the NYS Senior Deputy Director General Adan Harakhe, whose secondment to the NYS had in itself raised controversy.

Harakhe has since the emergence of the controversial transactions, denied approving the requisitions, as has one Regina Nyambura Mungai, who the IFMIS audit trail identified as the submitter of the transactions.

“The DCI letter has indicated 21 officers that are recommended to be charged jointly with the purported suppliers. Waiguru says she has referred the names to the ministry’s human resource committee and the public service commission for appropriate disciplinary action.”

The officers implicated in the graft allegations are as follows:

  1. Joel Kanyin Karenju- Ministry of Devolution and Planning – HQs
  2. Francis Kariuki – Ministry of Devolution and Planning – HQs
  3. Jennifer Manyara Mugure- Ministry of Devolution and Planning – HQs
  4. Roda Kavu Makau – Ministry of Devolution and Planning – HQs
  5. Adan Harakhe-National Youth Service
  6. Mr Samuel Wachenje – National Youth Service
  7. Hendrick Nyongesa Pilisi – National Youth Service
  8. Naftaly Githinji – National Youth Service
  9. Ruth Njeri Hihu – National Youth Service
  10. Charles Onsase Nyaachi – National Youth Service
  11. Mary Wangui Mbuthia – National Youth Service
  12. Ezekiel Karanja Kamau – National Youth Service
  13. James Gitau Kanuthu – National Youth Service
  14. Samuel Kilonzi – National Youth Service
  15. Fredrick Okello Nasiche – National Youth Service
  16. Mrs Regina Nyambura Mungai – National Youth Service
  17. Philip Joshua Otinga – National Youth Service
  18. Jane Wangeci Gichuki – National Youth Service
  19. David Dicks Alunga – National Youth Service
  20. Titus Libondo – National Youth Service
  21. Chemos Kororia Ndiema – National Youth Service