2 Ukraine Jets Downed Near Scene Of Flight MH17 Crash

The planes were downed near the village of Dmytrivka close to the Russian border, an area of heavy fighting between government forces and Russian-backed separatists.


“The planes were shot down from Russian territory,” said Andriy Lysenko the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council spokesman


The Ukrainian government said the pilots of the fighter jets ejected safely.


Ukraine separatist commander, Alexander Khodakovsky who admitted his movement had control of a Buk missile system, which Kiev and western countries believe was used to shoot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 week blamed the Ukrainian government.


“The question is this: Ukraine received timely evidence that the volunteers have this technology. It not only did nothing to protect security, but provoked the use of this type of weapon against a plane that was flying with peaceful civilians.” he was quoted as saying


Since Ukraine began its anti-terror operations in mid-april, it's Air Force has been hit hard, raising questions about the weapons rebels possess as well as the impact on the capability and size of Ukraine's fleet.


Source BBC

By Morgan Mueke