2 Arrested With illicit Brew In Wajir

The operation led by Wajir deputy county commissioner Yakobu Narengo is aimed at flashing out all unscrupulous businessmen who have now turned some parts the town a den of brewers.


Narengo condemned the rising cases of illicit brewing in the county and warned that the government will not relent in the fight against the vice adding that the law breakers will be brought to book.


“We as the government will not accept because the name of the liquor is not in the list of licensed drinks by KEBS. The brand name itself, VISA is weird,” Narengo said.


Locals have expressed disappointment in the widespread of sale and use of drugs in the area recently, including the extreme alcohol consumption and cannabis smoking among youths.


“We will continue this operation until we ensure Wajir County is safe from illicit brews,” area chief Ahmed Noor Mohamed said.


The two men arrested are expected to appear in court later today, Saturday.


By Morgan Mueke