14 UN peace keepers slain in DRC Congo 

14 UN peace keepers slain in DRC Congo 

15 Tanzanian peace keepers were killed and 53 others seriously wounded on Friday after suspected Ugandan rebels attacked their base in Congo.

The attack, drawing condemnation from across the globe, has been referred to as the worst attack on UN peacekeepers in recent history amounting to a “war crime”.

According to Congo UN Mission- MONUSCO, rebels launched an attack against an operating base at Semuliki in Beni territory on Thursday evening which resulted in protracted fighting between suspected allied democratic forces militia, the peacekeepers and Congolese forces.

U.N Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed his outrage and called on Congolese authorities to investigate and swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Today is a very tragic day for the U.N family, and you allow me to say a few words in relation to the tragedy that just occurred with our peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I want to express my outrage and utter heartbreak at the attack on the United Nations peacekeepers in the DRC.” said Guterres.

Several armed militias have been fighting for control of mineral-rich lands in North Kivu and often clash with Congolese troops and UN peacekeepers.

The peacekeeping base established in 2010 is the United Nations’ largest mission in the region and has overtime recorded 93 deaths of military, police and civilian personnel.

Increased militia activity in the east and centre of the country has added to insecurity in Congo this year amid political tensions linked to President Joseph Kabila’s refusal to step down after his term came to an end last year.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli said he was shocked and angered by the deaths while condemning the increased violence against civilians, the army and U.N troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo.