Vokoli, Vihiga book County School Games semis slots

Vokoli, Vihiga book County School Games semis slots

Vokoli Girls are into the semi-finals of the ongoing Vihiga County Secondary Schools Term 2B Games.

Vokoli won all three of their Pool B matches to set up a last four showdown with Kwiliba who finished second in Pool A.

Winser Imungu gave Vokoli their second win when her late goal was enough to see off Ebwali Girls 1-0 on Thursday in a closely contested tie clash that waited until the 88th minute before it could be decided.

Later Thursday, they defeated St. Claire’s 2-0 with goals from Shamin Atieno and Marlin Ajwang ensuring they finished top of their group.

“I feel so well scoring that goal, my shots are always on target,” the match-winner told Citizen Digital post-match.

She exuded confidence they will get past Kwiliba on Friday and ultimately sail through to Regional Games that will be staged in Bungoma County.

Her Coach Joyce Miheso lauded the girls for ‘paying attention’ and added that the level of competition in the championship was impressive.

“It’s not easy finding yourself in the position we are and credit to the girls for putting extra effort every time they go to play,” Miheso stated.

Vokoli will take on Kwiliba at Esiandumba Secondary School while Muhudu who finished second in Pool B travel to Ekwanda to face Group A table-toppers Kaimosi Girls.

In the Boys’ category, Vihiga High finished top of Pool B with nine points and will face Kegoye    in semis at Ebusakami while Chavakali who finished second will face Group A toppers Kigama at Maseno Polytechnic.

In volleyball, Nyang’ori will square it out with Vihiga as Chavakali Boys tackle Mmbale Boys. Ikobero Girls will face Keveye as Mudavadi Girls Madzu take on Bunyore Girls.



Pool A

Kaimosi 1-0 Ematsuli

Kwiliba 2-0 Hombala

Ematsuli 1-1 Mbihi Hombala 1-1 Kaimosi

Pool B

St.Bakhitas 0-2 Muhudu

Vokoli 1-0 Ebwali

Muhudu 1-0 St.Clares

Ebwali 0-0 St.Bakhitas

St Clares 0-2 Vokoli


Mumboha 1-1 Kegoye

Kaimosi Demonstration 0-3 Kigama

Kegoye 2-1 Emusire

Emusire 1-1 Kaimosi Demonstration

Vihiga 0-1 Ebubayi

Chavakali 2-0 Kaimosi

Ebubayi 0-2 Ebusiloli

Kaimosi 0-3 Vihiga

Ebusiloli 0-2 Chavakali

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