Vihiga Granites receive kits boost

Rugby legend Bonfas Salano has donated kit to Vihiga Granites rugby club in a boost for the team founded in 2018 to help create new opportunities for people to take part in the sport.

Salano, a rugby director at USIU rugby club, also promised to bring on board other legends including former Kenyan international Frank Isabwa to help uplift Granites and rugby in the area.

“We appreciate Mr Salano for being a good friend and a strong rugby lover, for standing with Granites team when we needed him most,” said the chairman of Vihiga Granites Mr vincent Ababu.

He applauded the team for exemplary performance since it was launched.

“More participants will be motivated to achieve in rugby and it will also help them start to see what being a member of a rugby club can do for them. Everyone in the club, including the players and management, all got behind the initiative and I’m looking forward to a great future.

“Vihiga Granites RFC’s Rugby Project programmes aim to increase participation and opportunities for youngsters from under-represented backgrounds, using its strong links with local schools and rugby clubs around the region will help encourage more young people to take up the sport,” Ababu said.

The club’s secretary Mr Wycliffe Mukarani, thanked the USIU director Mr. Salano for such an outstanding aid to a young but highly aggressive club with potential players.

The Vihiga Granites RFC’s captain Brodwil Aziavula, on behalf of the players thanked Mr. Salano for his helping hand to the club and promised that they were going to show up their best when things come back to normal and games resume.

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