NOCK to venture in Sports Marketing and Tourism

National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) is set to run a Marketing and Event Tourism workshop for its stakeholders and subsequently develop a marketing plan for execution in the period 2020 to 2024.

According to acting secretary general Francis Mutuku, the committee has resorted to tap in the wider scope of generating more revenues in sport through proper strategic marketing.

Moreover, NOCK is set to engage its respective federations on the sports tourism in the country with the planned workshop slated for January 28-February 2 at the Hill Park Hotel, Nairobi.

Despite Kenya dominating the global scene in sporting activities especially in athletics, many argue that the marketing aspect of the sport has not been unearthed with Kenya being the home of word-beating athletes.

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics around the corner, Mutuku notes the workshop will also focus on how to uplift Kenya’s brand at the Summer Games beyond the sporting aspect.

“We feel that Kenya as a sporting nation, has not fully exploited its capacity and this workshop and development of a Marketing Plan is one step towards this initiative.

This is key as we prepare for Olympics and trust that the ideas developed will immediately be put into practice by the way we market team Kenya leading to and during the Tokyo 2020 with a view of maximizing the value and enhancing the brand of sports in Kenya,” Mutuku said.

Mutuku added that the three-day workshop is intended to lead NOCK and national federations in developing their marketing plans that can serve as a blueprint for marketing activities and to assist in developing new revenue streams through strategic marketing.

Additionally, NOCK is also seeking to leverage Sport Tourism as a major part of Kenyan economy and a means of revenue generation.

To facilitate its objective, NOCK has engaged Mr. Idy Uyoe – a sport management consultant and senior partner at Idy Sport to assist in developing a comprehensive sport marketing plan for the NOCK, while simultaneously offering guidance for Olympic Sport Federations to similarly develop a marketing road map for their respective federations.

Corporates have also been invited to enhance their understanding of the sports and Olympic assets as well as to promote knowledge sharing and interaction that can enhance developing mutually beneficial partnerships that lead to revenue generation through strategic marketing and partnership.

Various locally based Sports marketing practitioners have been invited too to ensure we capitalize on the collective resources in the country.