Nock in trouble as IOC set for July crunch meeting

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) is running out of patience with the National Olympics Committee of Kenya as far as reforms for the national body are concerned.

In a stern letter by the IOC sent on Wednesday, the problems within Nock are generated by the committee’s top brass who know what is happening with intentions to derail the September 2016 road map that is yet to be implemented fully.

Even more disturbing, Nock’s fate hangs on a very thin thread as the IOC Executive Board is set to hold a meeting in two weeks time (July 9 and 10) where they will discuss possible actions to take on Kenya.

“The deadlines mentioned in this roadmap have not been respected, despite tireless efforts from the IOC, with a great deal of understanding and patience, to assist your NOC in completing the agreed process,” IOC said.

IOC also rejected the request by Nock to unfreeze payments and subsidies adding that they did were not convince enough.

“As you know, this decision was taken not only because of the current situation, but also due to the fact that a significant number of Olympic Solidarity programmes/funding allocated to your NOC have yet to be justified in accordance with the Olympic Solidarity standards and requirements,” IOC added.

Nock further poked IOC in the eye in a letter dated June 6 where they accused IOC members of interfering with the smooth transition of Nock.

“We formally reject your groundless allegations against the IOC officials who have spared no effort (for almost one year now) to facilitate and ensure the smooth and peaceful implementation of the roadmap agreed upon between all parties. Unfortunately, these allegations look like another attempt to avoid addressing the real issues.”

IOC sought clarification on why the issue of Nock membership was not raised during Extraordinary General Assembly during the adaptation of the new constitution but was raised during the election.

IOC also wants to know why Nock requested the Ministry of Sports Art and Culture and the Sports Registrar to confirm the list of eligible members then later complain that there is interference from the Government.

The IOC now wants to know what actions have been take by the local committee to resolve the issues surrounding the “Taekwondo Federation”.

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