Nock, boxing officials clash in Nakuru over kit

National Olympics Committee-Kenya and boxing federation official were involved in an exchange of words in Nakuru on Monday when the former arrived to present kit to the three boxers that will represent the country at next month’s Summer Games in Rio.

Boxing Association of Kenya (BAK) bosses engaged Nock officials; James Chacha and Anne Njambi who had a rough time to explain why the gear was delivered in part at the famous Madison Square Gardens where the fighters are based.

The boxers received a pair of training shoes and four t-shirts and five cartoons of energy drinks while their six sparring partners received t-shirts.

Crucial items such as head gear, gloves, skipping ropes and track suits were missing with BAK president, John Kameta, who trip to Rio is in jeopardy to launch a scathing attack.

“We have written three letters in the last two weeks and there is no response. When you say running to the media is not the solution, I think I’m left with nothing else to go to the public. This is the same public that will judge our performance and our performance will depend entirely on training.

“We see on TV other teams are being taken care of and my team is not being taken care of. Whoever is targeting John Kameta, go ahead but my boxers will not be targeted because of me, that I will not allow,” Kameta charged.

Chacha assured the three boxers who qualified would not be axed from the travelling part saying the quota on officials would be adhered to.

“We have no issue, we have no problem. There were issues about the team being thrown out from the hotel and these were baseless rumours that created a lot of payment. We discussed with the hotel and we agreed we shall make the payment today (Monday), we have the cheque available.

“We are not going to lock out anybody from our discussion with the team because we came here to present them with what we have received so far. Anything not provided will be supplied either before the team departs or in Rio depending on what we have received from our supplies,” the Nock official stressed.

Chacha also announced the six sparring partners would be paid local allowances before the camp in Nakuru is disbanded asking them to provide their account details since they would receive payment directly.

He denied claims the boxers had been neglected saying Nock will be making regular visits and follow-up for the duration of the camp.

London 2012 Olympian and 2010 Commonwealth silver winner, Benson Gicharu Njagiru, Rayton Okwiri and Peter Mungai are the boxers headed for Rio.