Newcomers upbeat as KCB Autocross returns to Waterfront Mall

Sikh Union Club will have the privilege of organizing the opening round of the 2021 KCB Kenya National Autocross Championship at The Waterfront Mall Karen on January 24.

This will be the second time that the Waterfront track will be hosting the national event in which Neel Gohil, Karamveer Singh and Qahir Rahim have joined the growing list of newcomers in circuit racing.

Karamveer will be steering a 2 Seater buggy in Bambino Class.

Neel, a year eight student at Hillcrest Preparatory School, is hoping to keep the racing fire burning in the Gohil family.

The ambitious lad is eager to follow in the footsteps of his dad Sushil Gohil who competed in the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) series with Julius Ngigi around 2007/8.

Gohil junior will be driving a 1000cc Vitz automatic engine buggy built by Robert Gow and has already done a few test runs under the tutelage of his dad Sushil.

The second generation driver has a burning desire to grace the KNRC, the African Rally Championship (ARC) and eventually the iconic Safari Rally when he turns eighteen.

“I have watched lots of videos of my dad rallying and has always had an interest in pacy cars. They call me a total petrol head,” Neel said in a light touch.

Neel wants more speed and a bigger engine but his father would rather have him to do one season with the starter buggy which has a comparatively smaller engine.

Rahim exuded confidence, saying: “Rallying and motorsports have always run in my blood from my toto days! I feel honoured and humbled to get the opportunity to race the Autocross season this year with the Shazco Racing Team starting with the Round 1 at Waterfront Mall.

“I would like to thank the renowned Leon Botha from Rally Star Academy, South Africa, for instilling a great rallying foundation in me.” he said.

The 4WD Turbo Champion Sahib Omar will renew rivalry with Eric Bengi in what is expected to be a protracted battle.

Last year’s 2WD Turbo leader Shaz Esmail will also face battle royale against Lovejyot Singh.

Clerk of the Course Onkar Kalsi said registration will begin at 7.30 and followed by drivers’ briefing at 8.30am.
In the meantime, Official Practice will commence at 8.45am followed by official heats. Prize giving will be after confirmation of results, said Onkar.

Onkar also noted that “a COVID-19 Compliance Officer will be appointed to ensure that the event runs in compliance with best and safe practices for the awareness of the pandemic.”

This includes social distancing, wearing of masks and frequent hand sanitizing.

Each competitor/ team should organize (For Themselves) and ensure the availability of hand washing facilities and sanitizers. “Moreover, it is mandatory for all crew and competitors to be wearing a face mask at all times. Protocol shall dictate that as soon as a competitor steps out of their automobiles and removes their helmets and balaclavas, they will be required to put on a mask immediately.” Onkar explained.

He further clarified that body temperature checks shall be conducted to all competitors, crew members, officials and spectators at the time of entry to the venue and that anyone with a body temperature reading above 37.5 will not be allowed into the sporting venue.

Onkar also noted that “all teams taking part will be restricted to a crew of only six members including the driver.”


2wd Turbo – Azaad Manji (Buggy)

Pee Wee – Polaris 150cc – Kiana Rajput
Bambino – Magibug 500cc – Yuvraj Rajput
Open Class Turbo – GC8 impreza – Kirit Rajput
Quad – Yamaha Raptor 700 – Wayne Fernandes

2WD Turbo-Shaz Esmail (Attacker 1 Buggy)

Lovejyot Singh
4wd Turbo (Subaru N10)
2wd Turbo (Attacker buggy)

Bambino- Karamveer Singh (2 seater buggy)
2wd Non Turbo – Qahir Rahim (2 Seater buggy)

Ahil Khan (Buggy)
2WD Non Turbo -Sarina Khan (Vitz)

4WD Non Turbo -Sahib Omar (Subaru GC8)

4WD Non Turbo
Eric Bengi