Nairobi to host African Premier League cricket tourney

The Nairobi Province Cricket Association (NPCA) has approved Dreamcatchers Films request to host the African Premier League cricket tournament in Nairobi. This includes the rights for the ground event, marketing, TV & Digital Broadcasting, Sponsorship, Production, and all other Sales rights not mentioned above.

The cricket tournament in Kenya is being held under the auspice of the Nairobi Province Cricket Association (NPCA) to promote the growth and development of cricket sport in Kenya. NPCA is the Affiliate of Cricket Kenya, responsible for cricketing activities in the City of Nairobi.

The tournament bats off next Thursday, 25th March at the International Cricket Council-accredited Ruaraka Sports Club and ends on Saturday, 10th April 2021.

Six teams will participate in the tournament and battle for the honors to be Kenya’s African Premier League National Cricket Champions 2021.  The names of the teams should give you a glimpse of the vibrancy the competition shall be: Nairobi Lions, Thika Hippos, Eldoret Elephants, Nakuru Leopards, Mombasa Rhinos, and Kisumu Pythons.

Kenya has a long history of great performance in Cricket. The sport brought great pride to the country in the late 1990s & subsequent years when Kenya ranked among the best countries in cricket globally. The African Premier League cricket tournament aims to showcase this local talent to the world of cricket with over 150 million live-streaming global audiences.

The tournament will be organized and played as per the international rules set by the governing body of cricket – ICC. The African Premier League has also contracted some players from NPCA who will take part in the cricket tournament. The Association will also appoint officiating personnel for the League.

An Anti-Corruption team will be appointed to ensure the integrity of the tournament. They will report directly to the Association.

In compliance with Covid-19 health protocols, there shall be no in-person spectators at the matches.

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