Mule lashes out at Ingwe voter list manipulation

Interim Management Committee (IMC) Co-chairman, Dan Mule, who is aspiring for the top position during the July 24 AFC Leopards elections, has lashed out at anomalies in voter registers submitted by some branches that were unearthed by the Electoral Board.

Mule hit out at what he alluded to was a scheme to lock out deserving voters from the exercise and inflate the numbers for those with vested interest in clinching top seats at the Kenyan Premier League club.

He was speaking on Thursday after the Electoral Board snuffed out efforts to manipulate the register after uncovering irregularities from lists provided by some branches including double entry of names, missing names of fully paid up members, missing ID numbers, forged documents, typo errors, invalid members and misplaced members.

“Most of the branches pick people who have no interest in football and do no support football. Provided one is a known member and that he paid for registration then nothing should lock him/her out of voting,” Mule who is regarded as an ‘outsider’ in the exercise because he has no western Kenya roots said.

He is vying against his IMC co-chair, Mathews Opwora, former Football Federation Vice-President; Robert Asembo and Coast branch boss, Amahwa

As it stands, only 57 branches will be allowed to take part in the clubs if the remaining 12 fail to beat the deadline of refining their members register.

In a press statement, Electoral Board secretary, Irene Tindi said they have conducted a meeting with senior officials of the cleared branches to go through the register for verification before its published.

Bunyore, Bomas, Gitoka, Dandora, Ingwelet, Juja, Lubao, Makadara, Makongeni, Mathare North, Mountain View and Nakuru branches are yet to submit proper lists of their voters.


“We want to finish this process of voters register verification by this weekend so that we may publish the final list of members registered so that if there will be any complains for corrections  then it should be done before the final list that will be used for voting is published to get the elections rolling,” Tindi added.

The board will be releasing the names of the cleared voters and candidates to the public by the end of the week.