Morans squad for Afrobasket qualifiers named

Morans squad for Afrobasket qualifiers named

Kenya Morans head coach Liz Mills has released her list of 12 players that will represent Kenya in the last window of Afrobasket qualifiers.

The team departs for Yaounde Cameroon on Monday. They will face Senegal, Angola and Mozambique respectively from 19th February to 21st February.

Kenya will be seeking a ticket to the Afrobasket Championship set for Rwanda later in April.

The following are the names of the players who will be traveling to Yaounde Cameroon;


1: Griffin Ligare
2: Erick Mutoro
3: Joseph Khaemba
4: Tylor Okari
5: Preston Bungei
6: Victor Elektrik Ochieng


7: Valentine Boozer Nyakinda
8: Ariel Okall Koranga
9: Joel Awich


10: Ronnie Gombe
11: Tom Bush Wamukota
12: Desmond Blacio


Fidel Okoth

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