Leopards’ Sh104 million budget a headache: Shikanda

Godfrey AshialiAFC Leopards writer

AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda says the club has opened its doors for other sponsors to come on board so as to easily meet its enormous annual budget of Ksh104 million.

The decision which was part of the resolutions arrived at by the Leopards honchos yesterday in a virtual Annual General Meeting comes barely two weeks after securing a multi million shirt sponsorship deal with a betting company. The deal is believed to be worth Sh45 million annually.

“We agreed to shop for other sponsors to add on the one we already have so as to be able to easily meet our Ksh104m budget.

Another thing we have agreed on is to start small business avenues to also bring some revenue to the team like selling water and our merchandise,” Shikanda said.

The Leopards and Gor Mahia former player has also reiterated his desire to see Leopards end its league title drought that has stretched to 22 years.

“We want to see to it that the team reverts to where it was in the glory days, and to attain this we have to take care of our players very well by paying them on time. We are not ready to go the Liverpool way – who had to endure a 30 years drought. The focus shifts to lifting the league trophy next season,” Shikanda vowed.

In addition to that, Leopards also resolved to strengthen its secretariat to implement its strategic plan.

Consequently, two more people will be co-opted into the secretariat which currently comprises of chairman, secretary general and the treasurer.

Leopards are also working tirelessly to ensure that they finally acquire a title deed for their 20-acre parcel of land in Kasarani after ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi paid for the accumulated land rates fee which stood Ksh 633,000.

“Musalia paid for us the standard premium and that is not a title deed payment. We are now waiting for our receipt from the Ministry of Lands before we go for the deed plan which will now be a clear root for us to acquire our title deed,” Shikanda explained.