Leopards great Ambani: More ex-players should run team

AFC Leopards great Boniface Ambani has urged fellow retired former players to join the ranks of leadership in the club in an effort to keep the teams from being rocked by political figures.

In an interview with Citizen, the former striker who played for Ingwe from the early 90s, became the first player to score 24 goals in a single season in the top flight and helped the team to win their last league title in 1998.

“You see things that are taking place in the club it is important that we work together as former players. Now Peter Lichungu is in the team and we need more former players there too,” Ambani who also top scored for rival giants, Tusker FC in 2006 stressed.

He believes if the leadership wrangles bedevilling the former football power house are resolved, then AFC leopards will revert to its title-winning ways of the past.

“I was a player with AFC the last time the club won the league in 1998. If the management of the club works together, we are going to have a great club and I am sure we will go back to the glory days,” he added.

Ambani who also played for Tanzanian side Yanga, becoming the top scorer with 20 goals in 2010, before retiring later that year following a long injury has backed new Leopards coach, Ivan Jacky Minnaert to win Ingwe a trophy soon.

“Let’s not give our new coach a lot of pressure, he found this team intact, let him first look at the team and there after we can start the criticism, because I believe he is a good coach

“I have to know the player and after that, I shall decide which the best tactics to use is,” he maintained.