Kenyatta tops sporting varsities in the country – study

Kenyatta tops sporting varsities in the country – study

Kenyatta University has been ranked top institution in sports in the country in a research conducted between April and July this year by Conduct Primary Search (CPS).

KU beat all accredited Universities in the country after garnering a total of 223 points and was followed closely by the University of Nairobi with 215 points.

In a research that the Kenya University of Sports Association (KUSA) took part in, KU met the criteria used in arriving at the best institution. The level of investments in sporting activities also played a pivotal role in the research.

The research also put into consideration the number of sporting activities in the institutions as well as the budgetary allocation to the sports department.

Speaking during the release of the results, University of Nairobi’s Prof Herman Manyora, challenged institutions to also pay close attention to sports expenditure, the same way they do with academic finances.

“Both private and public institutions should pay equal attention to sports as they do to their academics to mentor and endorse the students who devote their life in universities to sports,” he noted.

“I believe the universities should create programs where students are incorporated into the institutions for their sports abilities and not academics alone.”

“Sport is a motivating factor to many students with many of them willing to make sports their career paths and I believe the institutions will consider this,” added Prof Manyora.

Out of the 70 universities in the country, 45 qualified for the research with the failing to meet the set research standards such as accreditation and certification as universities or sporting curriculum.

The research was aimed at establishing the status of sports in Kenyan universities with an aim of pushing the institutions of higher learning to do more to ensure sports are made part of the students’ learning cycle.


TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES                                        POINTS

  1. Kenyatta University                                                 223
  2. University of Nairobi                                               215
  3. United States International University                191
  4. Mount Kenya University                                         171
  5. Strathmore                                                                 172
  6. Moi University                                                          133
  7. Egerton University                                                   130
  8. Jomo Kenyatta University                                      116
  9. University of Eldoret                                               112
  10. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University                    110