Kenyan teams post mixed results at AST bowling tourney

Kenyan teams post mixed results at AST bowling tourney

Kenya’s ladies team bounced back to edge Zambia 17-14 yesterday’s afternoon session of 2019 Africa State Tournament at Nairobi Club after a disastrous start in the morning session where South Africa whipped them 21-10 in the four categories.

Led by Sussan Wambugu, second Celestine Masila, Christine Mbae and captain Esther Walker, they waged a revenge war against Zambia with the four bowlers reacting quickly to push the Zambian off the game with quick drives in the first five ends, a move that paid off.

With two ends to go, Zambia were on the swing for a comeback as Foster Banda and Eddah Mpezeni applied some muscle on the bowl rolling it down the green to draw the jack hence  levelling the score to 14-14.

Kenyan team moved swiftly with the guidance of their skip Esther Walter making sure each of their two bowls counted. This paid off as they earned the three points in the remaining two ends to win the game.

On the other rink, Fridah Mwangi who was representing Kenya in the singles suffered a double loss 21-14 and 21-10.  The first one was against South African veteran Bronwny Webber in the morning session while the afternoon session saw her lose to Elizabeth Kamuchoma of Zambia.

The clash between Mwangi and webber stole the show in the first day of the tournament as the two players proved to be pros as they made sure all their bowls and the jack drew within the confines of the rink saving the game from having burnt end that would have called for a replay.

Having bowled for more than 19 years, Mwangi was no match to the experienced Webber who bowled professionally and strategically making sure to station her bowls in a way that created a guard on the jack leaving no option for Mwangi prompting her to curve her woods a move that ended up far from the main target.

Team Kenya player Christine Mbaya bowls against South Africa during their Africa States Tournament 2019 match held at the Nairobi Club in Nairobi on August 20, 2019. Photo/Stafford Ondego/Sportpicha/Citizen


Meanwhile, the mens’ team at Karen Country Club clobbered South African men 20-13 in the pairs category but fall off the grid in triple where they earned a 16-15 defeat during the morning session.

The evening session saw them lose both pairs and trips disciplines to Namibia.

Despite the poor start, Kenyan Fridah Mwangi is confident of a good game in the tomorrow’s event when team Kenya will be facing Botswana.



South Africa 21- 14 Kenya (singles)

South Africa 21- 10 Kenya (fours)


South Africa 20-13 Kenya (pairs)

South Africa 16-15 Kenya (Trips)



Kenya 10- 21 Zambia (Singles)

Kenya 17- 14 Zambia (Fours)


Kenya 13- 15 Namibia (pairs)

Kenya 14-15 Namibia (tips)