KBF vice-chair Hilmi urges MPs to build basketball courts in primary schools

Kenya Basketball Federation vice chairman Hilmi Ali has called on members of parliament to follow the example of one of their own Omar Mwinyi of Changamwe consistency in Mombasa by building basketball courts in primary school grounds as one way to help develop talent from young age.

The leader made the remarks during a visit to a new stadium at the Umoja Primary School in Changamwe to witness his dream come true after exchanging views with the MP and fulfilling his request.

Hilmi said this is something to be emulated by other members of parliament in Mombasa and Kenya in general so as to provide children with a platform to develop their talents in line with their education.

“We are waiting to see the Mp’s of Mvita, Likoni, Nyali and Kisauni emulate the example of their colleague from Changamwe who has promised to build more stadiums so that children entering high school will already have a better understanding of the game where if possible they will be able to get foreign scholarships.” Said Hilmi.

Through a post on his facebook account, Omar Mwinyi said, “sports enhances the physical and mental abilities of an athlete and helps them achieve their goals. It also helps children acquire ethics, values , responsibility, discipline and a sense of confidence too.” End of quote.

Umoja primary is planning to start special training for their young boys and girls hoping that even after graduation they will help develop the talents of others from there local area.

Hilmi is a man on a mission. His remarks are right on the button.

He is advocating for more basketball courts to be built across the country to enable the sport grow and yield positive results.

“Our main task after being elected is to build a platform for naturing talent not just running leagues and empowering the grassroot offices to grow the game. Building public basketball courts is a worthy investment for posterity as the future of upcoming basketball players is dependent on infrastructure, motivation and quality of coaching. This means kids will spend more time honing their skills at a tender age and benefit from sports. Sports is education beyond the classroom. A lot is learnt in play in terms of discipline, and time keeping,” Hilmi , told Citizen digital.

However he believes all is not lost in Kenya. he’s calling for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to come together to make sure basketball grows in kenya.

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