Inter’s Conte criticises Super League and UEFA

Inter’s Conte criticises Super League and UEFA

Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte criticised both the proposed Super League and UEFA, insisting you must earn your right to qualify for competitions, while questioning the use of funds by European soccer’s governing body.

Serie A leaders Inter, who moved a step closer to their first league title in 11 years after a 1-1 draw at Spezia on Wednesday, were one of three Italian clubs who originally signed up for the 12-team breakaway league.

The proposal fell apart after an extraordinary few days, with Inter becoming the first Italian side to follow English Premier League participants in withdrawing from the project.

Conte did not like the idea that teams in the league would not have to qualify for European competition, but also questioned UEFA, who lobbied against the Super League proposal.

“The Champions League and the Europa League must be played by those who deserve it,” Conte said. “First of all, sport must always be meritocratic.

“But UEFA organises all the competitions and reserves only a small part of the money to the clubs. The clubs must be rewarded more appropriately. UEFA does not invest anything, the clubs, yes.”

The Super League argued it would increase revenue for the top soccer clubs in Europe and allow them to distribute more money to the rest of the game.

However, UEFA, other teams and fan organisations said the league would only boost the power and wealth of elite clubs, and that the partially closed structure went against European football’s long-standing model.

UEFA also said on Monday that it distributes “close to 90% of all the revenues back to the game.”

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