IDCC orders Ingwe to pay Ksh2.1m arrears for axed players

AFC Leopards have been given until Friday to cough up Ksh2.1m in salary arrears for eight players who were axed from the Den last month over under-performance.

In ordering the Kenyan Premier League giants to pay the outstanding dues, the Independent Disputes and Disciplinary Committee (IDCC) will also make a ruling on a Ksh11.4m damages claim the aggrieved players are demanding on grounds of wrongful dismissal.

Speaking to Citizen Digital on Tuesday, Kenya Footballers Welfare Association Chairman Innocent Mutiso welcomed the verdict.

“The ruling says that these players should be paid their arrears from last year until June which accumulates to a total of Kshs2.1m.T

“There are also damages that each player should be compensated all his salary to cover full contract which amounts to Kshs11.4m,” the former Gor Mahia player explained.

“The ruling for damages will be read out on Friday to give another timeline to comply since it’s expected to be a big sum of money,” the welfare official added.

The ruling was read by Njeri Onyango who was sitting in the absence of the IDDC Chairman Migai Aketch.

Leopards Secretary General Maurice Osundwa termed the ruling unfortunate for the club decrying the manner the players were shepherded out of the Den.

“We were willing to sit down with player’s advocate and settle the issue even though the huge amount of money was accumulated under the previous regime,” he lamented.

Osundwa complained the Friday deadline is too soon but assured they would seek ways to raise the sum.

“If it doesn’t work out, then we have to engage their advocate and come up with something.

“This should be a warning to those who want to take the leadership of the club, that they must have the interests of the team at heart rather than taking decisions that end up hurting Ingwe,” he held.

“The verdict on compensation is not yet out. I have been in the court throughout representing this club at the Tribunal and in the appeal and it’s a decision we need to handle carefully in a composed and calm manner since these players helped the club when it was down.

“We do not want to look like we are fighting them yet it’s their right to get what belongs to them,” he added.

He then directed a thinly veiled criticism at Belgian coach Ivan Minnaert for the manner he has conducted the cull at the club.

“Instead of sacking almost every player, he should instead ask himself what happened along the way since they were performing,” Osundwa claimed.