Government assures WRC support ahead of kick-off

Upon meeting Fédération Internationale de Automobile (FIA) requirements, Safari Rally Kenya is set to host world rally championship from 5th to 7th July. The event is set to kick off at Kasarani with a 4.3km super special stages and culminate in Naivaisha. The event will run as FIA World Rally Championship(WRC) Candidate.

The Super Special stage drive will be the highlight of the opening day and fans will be treated to a direct watch of the event where cars will race side by side within the expansive Moi Stadium, Kasarani open grounds as from10:26 am.

Briefing the media on the plans set in place, the CEO project Phineas Kimathi accompanied by sports principle secretary Ambassador Peter Kaberia among them the committee tasked with the planning of the event, said all the necessities are in place and Kenyans be prepared to watch one of the most thrilling safari rally events.

“We are starting the rally at Kasarani for the first time, the public will access and be able to watch from Mwiki road and will be directed by the marshals and other security agents,” said Mr. Kimathi.

Drivers will drive the vast Nairobi, Kiambu and Naivasha counties this weekend. Rally action will be in Nairobi and Kiambu counties on 5th and 6th with the drivers heading to Naivasha for the battle for speed and glory.

WCR has received massive support from the government and as per the PS sports, they are working together to see the event run smoothly.

“This event is important to us as it is part of the national priorities especially in the sporting activities, we have done all that is required and we got the expertise to make sure everything is in place and we are ready”, said Ambassador Kaberia.

The PS hailed the organizers of the event stating that there is a need to start sporting events that are family friendly.

“As government, we are for such events which are not only for adults but also for the children and general family oriented, we call upon the media to help make such sports develop through in their coverage,” said the PS.

Auto racing teams from South Korean multinational car manufacturer Hyundai and M-Sport from England have sent officials to Kenya in time for the reconnaissance of the 2019 Safari Rally.


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